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The Magic Train Has Arrived!

The new CD is now available on the "Merchandise" page. "The Magic Train" tells the musical story of love, adventure, life, death and redemption. I will begin to fill between the lines soon. Order a CD today and let me know what you think..

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This continues to be an exciting year. I was proud to be a part of the independent film, "The Arroyo", which premiered in January. The movie powerfully and dramatically puts a human face on the dark side of the illegal immigration problems which continue to plague citizens on both sides of the border. You can purchase DVDs at Amazon.com or rent and/or purchase "The Arroyo" on iTunes.

Also: Be sure and check out my latest video, "Grave Digger" from The Magic Train CD.

You'll find it on my "Video" page.

You can find all of my CDs at the "Merchandise" page. HAPPY SHOPPING!